Friday, September 2, 2005

Fungus kills my joy
I guess that to see a nice print of a scene captured by you is one of the two situation you will find yourself proud in some way(the other situation being, to see the software you developed in a good working condition).
Well, that said, I faced a nasty problem recently. I have a small camera, the Canon EOS 66. And I own three lenses too. The normal kit lens of 28-80; then a 80-200; and the 50 mm 1.8 prime. This 50mm is very new and very dear to me. Only 4 months since I bought that. And I left these lenses in the camera bag for around three weeks. That is all. And along came a fungus.
Fungus! The kit lens was spared by fungus. 80-200 zoom was able to be cleaned. But the dear 50mm - it is so cheep(on dollar terms. In Indian standards even that is expensive) that it is moulded in plastic and we cannot disassemble it(except for the front-element). Now what? the repair person says, we need to use a saw to cut it open to clean it. But he says No!. We don't do it. Now I am a sad person.
I wonder if anybody can give some suggestion how to clean this kind of molded lenses.