Friday, October 19, 2007

Where is London?

Right now, I am sitting in my small apartment in South India, watching the intermittent rain that stops us from just getting out and enjoy our free day. The month of Thulam is up and we are expecting heavy rains with blitzkrieg. But this rain is nothing but a bother. No enjoyment. But still, the day is perfect to listen to the silky voice of Hariharan and Chithra. Have you listened to the album "Malhar"? You should, if you are a fan of slow, melodious tunes.

But that was not the topic of the day. I was supposed to be in London this very moment. An official invitation is received last week to reach London within a week's time. Where is the Visa? No visa. Had to apply for one. Where is the necessary documents? They had to come from UK. Waiting. But that was amusing. And I made a discovery in the process of applying for a UK Visa: It is not just the Indian government agencies that dis-informs you regarding various matters. Search the web regarding the size of photograph to be used while applying for a UK visa. 45mm x 35mm. Even in the application forms available from VFS websites(who is the British High Commission's Commercial Partner) stipulates this measurement. But the whole lot of photolabs who specializes for this kind of photography knows better. They advice you to take a 50mm x 50mm size photo. And , they are right. It should be 50mm x 50mm with only white background.
Now again waiting. If everything goes well, coming weekend, I HAVE TO go to UK. With a very low allowance, which I am afraid won't help me much while in UK.

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