Tuesday, May 25, 2004

It sure is difficult. It just does not seem to move forward. The main problem is that ours is a small software firm. Just 8 years old(yes, I know it is very long in this industry, but process oriented and business-wise, we are still young). And the problem is that we do not have a right process -flow yet. With all the requirements and work coming from our parent company in Switzerland, we enter the scene only after considerable stages of SDLC is complete.

So our first mission: to create all the steps in a suitable SDLC.

We have checked the SDLC models given by Department of Justice. Well, too tight. Then there is the IEEE 12207 standard WBS for the entire SDLC. And I checked the one provided in www.rspa.com . It seems we have adapt our own small subset of SDLC task list. What we hope is we can complete it this week itself, since we are almost doing all these steps in an unstructured way.

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