Monday, May 10, 2004

Yes, we are also going to get the ISO certification. Since ours is a Software manufacturing firm, a CMM level 3 or above is the desired qualification compared to an ISO certification. But the difference seems, we can definitely get the ISO certification with our present standards and financial situation, in another 5 months down the lane, while we can just try our level best to work in a CMM specified level and claim so(we are told the amount of good money required for CMM auditing/implementation is quite heavy)

Anyway, we are confused, and do not know if we want to set our eyes on CMM level 3 or 4 or CMMI etc etc. We do not know much about this area. But now we do have a person in our firm for the next six months, who will be doing only these works. He is a trained ISO auditor/consultant. That much better.

So, if ISO + CMM is a challenge, we meet it. If a duty, we perform it. If it is a promise, we fulfill it.

We have started our discussions:

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