Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hindu Law Board offers Rs 51 cr for killing M F Hussain

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What is this? Hindus trying to be Muslim fundamentas? Now I see light. There is nobody called Muslims fundamentalists in this whole univers. It is just fundamentalists and fanatics... who want the whole world should be revolving according to their illconceived notions. Does not make any difference if it is the Christians warring each other; or Muslims out to get anybody else or Hindus trying hard to acquire all any bad traits shown by anybodyelse. These hooligans want people to stand up and take notice. Rs.51 crore!! In India, you get a full meal for Rs.12($0.28). And about 30% of the second biggest population cant afford to spend this Rs.40(less than one dollar) per day to feed themselves. And this @#$ offer Rs.51 crores to satiate their own bloody ego.

So who the hell is this "Hindu Law Board"?
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And who is this Mr.M.F.Hussain who paints nudes of Goddesses? I don't want to search the net for him. There will be tons of writings about him and the "freedom of expression" which seems to be as sacred as the Gods and Goddesses themselves.
Certain people feels that they have the freedom to express anything and certain others believe that they have the freedom and duty to believe that certain things are sacred. So why is it that these two sections of the society cannot respect the other's view points?
Will this Mr.Hussain be of lesser greatness if he can suppress his urge to do something which may cause a very big rift in the society. Will that Danish cartoonist be liable for prosecution if he agreed to honour other people's faiths?
The answer is a big NOOOOOO. But these people thing that "It is my life; I do what I want to do."

And the lunatics and fanatics have a field day. From their side also, they just do what they believe is right. Kill, kill kill.

I wait to see if anybody gets killed, or if we see a new nude painting of another goddess.

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