Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Palghat - Madurai - Manamadurai - Rameswaram
The trip to Rameswaram is a bit confusing, like any other travel. Indian Railway information system is just as great as it could be.
I do have a confirmed sleeper ticket from Palghat to Madurai. Earlier, I could have bought a single ticket from Palghat to Rameswaram. But now the Madurai to Rameswaram route is being changed to broad gauge. I think this work is going on for the past couple of years. And the work is complete between Madurai and Manamadurai stations. So what happens? We reach Madurai first with a reservation. Switch from metergauge to broadgauge. Reach Manamadurai. Swith from broadgague to metergauge. Reach Rameswaram.
Well. The nice person at Palghat railway information gave me this much idea. Do you know what information the lady and her superwisor at Ernakulam railway station gave me? Sorry, there is no train service between Madurai and Rameswaram!!!
That was just sickening to see this kind of lack of coordination in the railways. But from Indian Railways, you cannot expect anything better.

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