Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Why should I make fun of others?
Recently, in the newspaper, 'The Hindu', I read two of the letters to the editor. The following are the copies of them.(I do not know if I am infringing any copyrights act here by reproducing them. If notified, I shall remove the entry).

First one:
The media should enjoy full freedom to criticise religious myths and mythological beliefs in any manner without fear of threats from hatred-spewing fanatics who constitute a very low percetage in any community. Well-meaning citizens, political leaders, and the media in general should learn to ignore such developments without blowing it out of proportopm.(Joy Eapen, Vennikulam, Kerala)

Second one:
As two Danish citizens presently travelling in India and enjoying the friendliness of its people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, we deeply deplore the offence caused by a newspaper of our country. It was, as The Hindu's editorial put it the other day, indeed a nasty and needless provocation. We should like all Indians to know that the newspaper in question represents the more reactionary and narrow-minded elements of our society. Please believe us: There is another Denmark that advocates understanding instead of conflict, respect, and dialogue instead of prejudice and arrogance. We are confident that eventually that Denmark will prove the strongest. (Torben Munkholm & Anders Johansen, Hornslet, Denmark)

First of all thanks to you both Torben and Anders, for putting the effort to tell the Indian populace that there are people in Denmark, (well, in the 'west') who still thinks in the right perspective. Why don't the advocates of freedom of expression understand that a nasty and needless provocation arose from a radical reactionary and narrow-minded element in Denmark society should be condemned, instead of being protected? Why don't the person who wrote the first letter understand that any power and any freedom will become an farce in the wrong hands as it happened in the case of the Danish cartoonist.

"Let me do what I want; others be @##ed. " That might be what the Danish cartoonist thought.
That is what Vishwa Hindu Parishad thinks.
That is what Lashkar-e-thoiba thinks.
That is what Thaliban thinks.
That is what the advocates of freedom of expression who do not know the limit think.
The world will be better off, without all these fanatics.

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