Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Thinking about a new culture in the road
Yesterday, I had a small experience which makes me think twice about my own behavioural pattern. It was morning 8 O' clock. My wife and myself were riding the motorcycle enroute office. It was a bylane and all of a sudden, there is an auto-riksha making its entry into the road; but its tail-lamps first. Obviously the peson was taking the vehicle out from the garage, but the garage is so close to the road and no way he can take it out in any other way. But it is happening in a sharp corner too. So there was a vehicle in a corner doing a blind backword walking. And we were traversing the curve without bothering to honk!
It was a lucky miss for us. But I was infuriated and a dialog was started, but in mild terms. A "sorry" from the other driver's side, or a neglect from my side could have eliminated the confrontation. But it was not so. The person run away from the site and a woman who was watching the scene from inside the garage starts talking. I become more furious and shouts at her. Another man comes out from the garage and shouts at me. I do the same back. My wife starts grumbling at them. Other people starts to take an interest in the scene.
Grumbling we leave the site. My wife starts to say something about making our motorcycle's horn ok. I shout at her.
Why! Why do we behave like this? We are all so impolite at each other. It is a terrible situation in this small state of ours. The roads are not safe. The general unrest in everybody's life is mirrored in the road everyday. I hope we will definitely see a day when the other driver just says "Sorry". And a day that I honk properly. Yes, properly. We honk too much at anywhere, except where it should be done.

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