Monday, February 6, 2006

Sexy sensex
What is afoot in the National stock xchange? Seems the Sensex has reached unfamilier heights for an average Indian. Do u want to see the 1000 to 10-000 points journey of Sensex? Read the following article.

See, the 6000 points were clocked on February 11, 2000. And it took another 5 years until June 20, 2005 to reach the points 7000. And after that, it is in overdrive. In nine months time, it races 3000 points.
Well, I am concerned. 'cause I have invested something in the funds. And continue to invest in funds using the SIP route. Every month when the monthly installment is due, the Sensex seems to race, and my potential buying power seems to go down. On the other day, they were telling me that the market has "nothing against you. it is nothing personal" . Hard to believe.

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